Review: 5 Boosted Miles (Leslie Sansone)

Review: 5 Boosted Miles (Leslie Sansone) |

Info from DVD:

Are you ready to boost the results of your walk? It’s easy and fun. We recommend that you start with the bonus section. This is where Leslie shows you the Top 10 Walk Moves and teaches you how to BOOST each one. After that, you can dive right into the 5 miles — in any way that you like. You can walk a gentle mile and then a boosted mile. You can walk two miles without boosting anything and then boost the next two. Or you can even opt to boost only some of the moves within each mile. You have the freedom to do whatever is right for you! Walkers that range from beginners all the way to advanced can all get a great workout! AND with five different 1-mile sessions, you can also customize your workout time. If you have 30 minutes for your Monday walk, you can do two miles. If Tuesday is busy, sneak in a single 15-minute miles to keep yourself on track. Then for the days when you do have the time and energy, you can walk all 5 miles and BOOST AWAY!

My Review:

This DVD includes 5 mile walks and a bonus segment where Leslie shows you how to boost her different walk moves. By the time I got to doing 5 miles in my fitness regimen, I was familiar enough with Leslie’s workouts to know how to boost them so I didn’t need the bonus part.

This is one of my favorite workout DVDs  because of the ability to boost the moves with Leslie. I have found that doing four out of the five miles (I usually skip mile 2 since that is my least favorite of the five) is a good hour long workout.

As with all of Leslie’s workouts, you can modify it to fit your fitness level and I like that she has a walker do low impact so that you can follow that person if you need to do low impact exercises.

There is a music only feature for each mile but I have found that I like getting Leslie’s warnings about upcoming moves. I vary my workout DVDs so I do not have every move memorized.

This workout DVD is in my permanent collection and I workout with it regularly.

5 stars

Where can I learn more about this exercise program?

Leslie Sansone’s website


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