52 Weeks to a Better You – Week 42

52 Weeks to a Better You - Week 42 | Raney's Revelations

Welcome to Week 42 of the 52 weeks to a better you journey.

Last week we tried to reign in those things that we don’t do that cause regrets. This week we are going to address those things that we are doing.

Week 42

Say “No” to something

This week we are going to say “no” to something that we would normally say “yes” to.

Have you ever found yourself becoming overcommitted? Biting off more than you can chew? For various reasons, we can find ourselves overcommitted, stressed, and overwhelmed because we don’t say “no”. It’s okay to say no, but it can be difficult to do.

This week, gear yourself up and prepare to utter that dreaded word… “No”. Does someone want you to take on a project that you don’t have time for? Say no. Someone trying to sell you something that you don’t need? Say no. Someone want to borrow something or use something you can’t spare? Say no.

Politely declining is not a bad thing.

I'm sorry but... No. | Raney's Revelations

Baby step for this week:  Say no to something that you would normally say yes to. It doesn’t have to be earth shattering, but you may need to prepare yourself to do it. Don’t be mean about it, but do be firm.

What about you?

What are you going to say “no” to this week?

What tips do you have for others who have a difficult time saying no?

Share your journey with us!


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