Review: Mix and Match Walk Blasters (Leslie Sansone)

Review: Mix and Match Walk Blasters (Leslie Sansone) |

Info from DVD:

Got 10 minutes? Then you have time to get started on your health goals! If you want to lose weight, increase energy, slim legs, tone arms, trim waistline, manage stress, improve heart health — you name it, Fitness Walking can help! And Leslie’s Mini Walk Blasters fit into even the busiest schedule. If you have just 10 minutes some days, 20 minutes other days or even 30+ minutes a day to exercise, you can choose from the 10 different Mini Walks to create a custom walking session that works for you.

My Review:

This DVD is made up of 10 different mini-walks which are each 10 minutes long. What I like about this is that you can customize it based, not only on how much time you want to exercise, but also on which ones you want to do. Each workout is slightly different from the others, but all of Leslie’s signature moves are in them so it is easy to follow along.

I have been using this DVD for a full workout which has been doing between six and eight of the segments depending on how much time I have to put into them. The other day I did a strength training DVD but felt like I needed some additional cardio so I popped this DVD in and just did two segments. It was then that I appreciated being able to utilize it for a mini walks.

This DVD is good for beginners since the two segments for a warm up and cool down could also be used as a standalone beginner workout. As with most of Leslie’s workouts, you can adjust them to your skill level.

This one is going into my permanent collection.

5 stars

Where can I learn more about this exercise program?

Leslie Sansone’s website



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