52 Weeks to a Better You – Update 3

52 Weeks to a Better You - Update 3 | www.raneysrevelations.com

Hi everybody! Can you believe it is already time for another update? Wow. It feels like I just gave one and here we are again. Time certainly flies by doesn’t it. πŸ™‚

But before I give you my update, let’s review our baby steps to date:

Week 1 – Drink 1 cup of water every day

Week 2 – Move for 15 minutes every day

Week 3 – Eat 1/4 cup of vegetables every day

Week 4 – Put $5 into savings this week

Week 5 – Spend 15 minutes a day with your most important person

Week 6 – Drink 2 cups of water every day

Week 7 – Spend 15 minutes every day calming your spirit

Week 8 – Baby step of your choice

Week 9 – List your goals

Week 10 – Sleep for 15 minutes longer every day

Week 11 – Compliment someone every day

Week 12 – Replace and unhealthy food with a healthy one

Week 13 – Make a budget

Since we just began week 13, I will only be telling you about how I’ve been doing with week’s 1-12.

How I have been doing on the baby steps

Week 1 and 6 (Drink 2 cups of water every day)

I have been slowly replacing my soda intake with water and I am pleased to say that since the last update, the only beverages that I have been drinking is my morning healthy smoothie, coffee (2 cups max per day), and water. No soda at all. I am having water with every meal and I take my 20 sips every morning before I get out of bed. I am still not measuring it, but I did purchase a nice water bottle to help me start doing that. Baby steps, remember? I know that I am getting at least my two cups every day. I am probably at double that on many days which is good for me.

Week 2 (Move for 15 minutes every day)

This is the baby step that I have been diligent about. I have worked my way from exercising 15 minutes a day, to an hour a day. This baby step has been largely responsible for bringing my blood pressure down. I was border-line hypertensive and now it is in the normal range. It has also helped me sleep better and lose weight. I am a huge fan of Leslie Sansone’s workouts. You can see some of my reviews of her DVDs here.

Week 3 (Eat 1/4 cup of vegetables every day)

As you know if you have been reading this blog, I am not a big fan of veggies. So this baby step has been a tough one to keep up with, but… I have discovered that I like sweet potatoes. I found a recipe that was basically a sweet potato topped with avocados (which I love!) and this has been a go-to lunch for me. I also really like cauliflower and broccoli so when I can sneak them into our family dinners, I try to do that. Between those two things, I am getting in my 1/4 cup and maybe a little more each day.

Week 4 (Put $5 into savings every week)

As you may know, I was an accountant in my former career, so this baby step isn’t too difficult for me. I actually have something that I want to spend quite a bit of money on so this goal has also been motivating me to sock away money every week.

Week 5 (Spend 15 minutes a day with your most important person)

This is another baby step that I love to do. My most important person is my husband and we spend at least 15 minutes together at the end of the day. Depending on the day and how busy our family is, sometimes we spend more than that. That 15 minutes is very important to us though.

Week 7 ( Spend 15 minutes calming your spirit)

Okay, I am really bad at this baby step. I have not been taking that 15 minutes every day. To be honest, I often get so busy that I forget to do it. Then I am trying to squeeze it into my day as an afterthought. I really really need to work on this because I know that it is an important thing to combat stress and keep me balanced. Working on this one…

Week 8 (Baby step of your choice)

I chose increasing my exercise time as the baby step to focus on and it has definitely paid off. I’ve lost 14 pounds since this journey began!

Week 9 (List your goals)

Did you make your list? Mine is a pretty short one. My goals are centered around making my relationships better, making my body better, and tapping into my creative abilities in some fashion. Since we only had to list our goals and think about what practical steps we can take to achieve them, I was definitely able to do that. Plus writing that list has caused me to think a lot about what I can do to meet my goals. Did you find that happening to you?

Week 10 (Sleep for 15 minutes longer every day)

Okay, here is another baby step that I am failing at. In fact, some days I seem to get even less sleep. πŸ™ What’s worse is that I am wearing a fitbit which tells me exactly how much sleep I am getting so the numbers are right there. In. My. Face. Working on this one…

Week 11 (Compliment someone every day)

πŸ™ Why am I feeling like I fell off the baby step wagon? Probably because this is yet another baby step that I am struggling with. I will admit something right here. I am not an encourager by nature. Don’t get me wrong, I can certainly offer others encouragement when it’s obvious they need it, but to see the need when it isn’t obvious? That just isn’t natural for me. My daughter complimented someone the other day and I almost face palmed myself for not remembering that baby step. Working on this one too…

Week 12 (Replace an unhealthy food with a healthy one)

Woohoo back on the wagon again. πŸ™‚ I have actually done this with a few things. Bread is my biggest change I think. I love white bread, but I have been substituting it with wheat or some other whole grain. I also slip pita bread into the mix. Pita bread is great for mini pizzas. I have been cooking less with beef and more with turkey and chicken.

So overall it has been a mixed month. I have definitely had successes and there are obviously some baby steps that I need to work harder on.

Don’t forget that I’ve made a printable to help you keep track of your baby steps. Check out this post for that.

You can build good habits using baby steps | www.raneysrevelations.com

What about you?

Were you able to keep up with the twelve baby steps?

Which ones did you struggle with?

Share your journey with us!

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