Review: Tone Every Zone Walk (Leslie Sansone)

Review: Tone Every Zone Walk (Leslie Sansone) |

Info from DVD:

Want the BEST ARMS & SHOULDERS of your life? Leslie will show you how to easily curl, press and lift to get those arms firm, slim and sculpted!

Want your BEST BUNS & THIGHS ever? Leslie uses proven exercises to tighten and tone the thighs in addition to firming and lifting the rear-end!

Want a SLIMMER MIDDLE? Core Strength Training and Cardio together give you the best results to trim, slim and firm your belly and waist. So Leslie has core training integrated into each walking circuit!

It’s well-known in the health club world that cardio & strength circuits are one of the most effective ways to trim and tone the body. Now you can learn what high-end Personal Trainers use to slim and tone every zone. Leslie has targeted some of the most requested zones with simple but effective toning exercises built right into her walks-turning them into a total walk explosion!

My Review:

This DVD has three workouts on it. Circuit Workout 1 is 20 minutes of upper body strength training with some cardio mixed in. Circuit Workout 2 is 20 minutes of lower body strength training with some cardio mixed. Workout 3 is 20 minutes of cardio walking. These workouts can be used individually or you can mix and match them. Since I am doing 40-45 minutes of workout time a day, I do two of the 20 minutes sessions. Some days are just the two strength training workouts, other days are one of the strength training workout combined with the walking workout.

This is one of my favorite workout DVDs. I have been increasing my cardio workouts but finding that my weight has been at a plateau. I read that strength training would help to increase my metabolism, so I began to look for workouts that included strength training. I absolutely trust the quality of Leslie’s workouts but she doesn’t have that many DVD’s specifically focused on strength training. I was very happy to find this one. This is a great mix of cardio and strength training. As with all of Leslie’s workouts, you can adjust them to fit your skill level.

This one is definitely going into my permanent collection.

5 stars



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