52 Weeks to a Better You – Week 6

52 Weeks to a Better You - Week 6 | www.raneysrevelations.com

Welcome to Week 6 of the 52 weeks to a better you journey.

How are you doing so far? Have you been able to take all of the baby steps? If you want to know how I’ve been doing, you can check out my update here.

Let’s review the baby steps that we have taken so far:

Week 1 – Drink 1 cup of water every day (Check out the post here)

Week 2 – Move for 15 minutes every day (Check out the post here)

Week 3 – Eat 1/4 cup of vegetables every day (Check out the post here)

Week 4 – Put $5 into savings this week (Check out the post here)

Week 5 – Spend 15 minutes every day with your most important person (Check out the post here)

This week we will begin building on our previous baby steps.

Week 6

Drink 2 cups of water every day

Basically, we will be adding 1 cup of water to our week 1 baby step.

By this point, you should have built up a habit of drinking water every day. That’s good. 🙂 It shouldn’t be too difficult to add a little more. I’m hoping that you are beginning to see some positive changes in your body as you begin to hydrate it.

I have noticed some positive changes in mine.

For one thing, even though I still don’t like water that much, I am finding it easier to chose that over other drinks, particularly sugary ones.

Another thing that I’ve noticed is that my skin is starting to look a little bit better.

The changes are small, but I’m encouraged by them anyway.

Drink Water. So Simple. Your body will thank you. | www.raneysrevelations.com

Baby step for this week: Drink two cups of water every day. If you already drink plenty of water, give yourself a high five, keep doing it and come back next week. If you are drinking water, but not enough, then you will be adding one more cup to your normal drinking.

If you don’t like water, here are a few tips for getting those two cups in:

  • Drink it cold
  • Drink bottled water
  • Drink it in sips over a few minutes
  • Put a piece of citrus fruit in it
  • Use a special glass, bottle, or mug to drink your water from

What about you?

Are you well hydrated?

Do you have any tips for drinking more water?

Share your journey with us!





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