52 Weeks to a Better You – Week 5

52 Weeks to a Better You - Week 5 | www.raneysrevelations.com

Welcome to Week 5 of the 52 weeks to a better you journey.

It’s week 5 of our journey and I have to say that I’m proud. Proud of you and me for making small changes that will improve our lives. I will be posting a 4 week update later so that you know how I am doing. I’d also like to know how you are doing so don’t be shy about sharing it with us in the comments.

So here is the review of the baby steps we have taken so far:

Week 1 – Drink 1 cup of water every day (Check out the post here)

Week 2 – Move for 15 minutes every day (Check out the post here)

Week 3 – Eat 1/4 cup of vegetables every day (Check out the post here)

Week 4 – Put $5 into savings this week (Check out the post here)

As with all of the changes we are making, we will keep doing these baby steps while we add our next one.

Week 5

Spend 15 minutes every day with your most important person

This week our focus is going to be on relationships. In this day and age when it is easy to be remotely connected by technology, it is also easier to become disconnected personally from those who matter most.

Good relationships take work.

Why is this a baby step? Because we are busy. Everyone is busy busy busy. Maybe you can’t spend an hour with your favorite person every day, but 15 minutes is doable.

Think about your most important person. Is it your spouse? Your child? Children? Your parents? Your best friend? Whoever that is, they are going to benefit from this weeks baby step.

15 minutes a day is not very much for spending time with someone, if you think about it. It’s good for a conversation or doing something quick together. The point is that you find some way to connect with your favorite person every day.

Give your time to those you love | www.raneysrevelations.com

Baby step for this week: Spend 15 minutes every day with your most important person. If you already do that, work on a relationship with another important person in your life, or give yourself a high five and come back next week. If you manage to get in a few minutes here and there, focus on getting to that 15 minutes every day this week.

Here are a few tips for getting in that quality time:

  • Unplug and talk face to face
  • Take a scenic drive together
  • Have a meal together
  • Work on a project together
  • Skype (I know what I said about technology, but this would get you face-to-face if you are long distance)
  • Walk the dog together
  • Go to the park and play (if it’s your child)
  • Go to your room and play (if it’s your spouse 😉 )
  • Get up earlier

What about you?

What will you do to spend 15 minutes with your most important person?

Do you have any tips for finding that time?

Share your journey with us!





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