Review: Walk to the Hits: Party Songs (Leslie Sansone)

Review: Walk to the Hits: Party Songs (Leslie Sansone) |

Info from DVD:

We’ve all heard it before. The most effective workout is the one you actually DO! So motivation is the key, and music is one of the best motivators. Great music makes your workout more enjoyable and keeps you exercising because you LOOK FORWARD to it. That’s why Leslie created WALK TO THE HITS.

Walk to the Hits features hit music, and High Intensity Interval Trailing (aka HIIT) — it’s the perfect combination! Hit music pumps up your pace, and HIIT training alternates between short bursts of “all out” effort and periods of recovery, allowing you to walk a shorter session and blast away as many calories as you would in a longer one.

My Review:

This workout is about 45 minutes long. It includes a warm up, 3 mile walk, and a cool down. In the middle of the 3 mile walk is a period of time when you do short bursts of high intensity exercise alternating with low impact recovery exercise. The DVD also includes an option to work out to music only. While I liked having Leslie’s instruction the first few times that I did this workout, I liked having the option to just hear the music once I didn’t need the instruction.

I did find that there was a little more high impact bouncing and twisting in this DVD which was a little hard on my knees. I overdid it and had to adjust to low impact for a few workouts but as with all of the Leslie Sansone workouts I have done, they can all be adjusted to suit how much I want to challenge myself.

I enjoyed the workout and the music. This DVD will be going into my permanent collection.

4 stars



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