How to organize your Christmas decoration storage

How to organize Christmas decorations for storage |

Well, it’s that time of year again. The new year. Out with the old and in with the new. After weeks of having our house festively decorated for the holidays, it is time to put them away.

After years of having cluttered, unlabeled, and even mismatched boxes, I finally got to the point when I decided that I needed to have my decorations organized. And let me tell you, that has made a world of difference, not only in storage, but also in decorating for the next holiday season.

How should you organize your decorations?


How to organize Christmas decorations for storage |

Colored Boxes

All of my Christmas decorations, except for my tree, are stored in red boxes with green lids. I immediately know which boxes are the Christmas ones, just by looking at them. That has saved a ton of time when getting everything out of storage.

How to organize Christmas decorations for storage |

Label the boxes

Mine are labeled very simply: Box #1, Box #2, Box #3, etc. I mark it on the actual box in permanent marker. On all four sides. I don’t label the lids, which is fine because all the boxes are the same type so I don’t have to worry about getting the exact lid with each box. Believe me, this is also a time saver. I also do not use any other labels, just the permanent marker.

How to organize Christmas decorations for storage |

Don’t use tape or sticker labels

After years of storage and moving around, those kind of labels always come off. I haven’t found any tape or sticky label that will withstand the storage conditions year after year. The permanent marker labeling has always passed that test.

Use an inventory sheet

Mine is on the computer. It is a list of every box and what things (specifically) are in each box. Bonus: I have a FREE printable for you to use for your Christmas decoration inventory. So keep reading until the end of this post.

Update the inventory sheets every year

When I pack the decorations away, there is inevitably something that I’ve added or that needs to go in a different box. For example, I had so many new ornaments this past year, that I needed to take up space in another box that didn’t originally have ornaments in it. This was a simple matter of updating my inventory sheet.

How to organize Christmas decorations for storage |

Get rid of little boxes where you can

Obviously there are things that need to stay in boxes or their original packing so that they can be stored without breaking. Having said that, the best thing that I did for organizing my ornaments was to begin packing most of them in packing paper or bubble wrap instead of using the original boxes. I can now get more ornaments in each storage box. My husband took our lights out of the original boxes and now wraps them around a coil which has also saved some space.

What about you?

How do you organize your Christmas decorations for storage?

What tips would you add to this list?

As promised, here is the FREE printable Christmas Decoration Inventory (PDF).


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