Review: A Closer 2 Mile Walk (Leslie Sansone Walk at Home)

Product Review: A Closer 2 Mile Walk (Leslie Sansone Walk at Home) |

Info from DVD:

Walk and Worship with Leslie in this high energy, high calorie burn in-home walking workout. If you can walk, you can follow this workout designed to help you create a healthier, fitter, more spiritual self. This 30 minute, 2 mile walk features inspirational music that will keep your body and soul motivated as you explore the powerful union of fitness and faith. Meet the cast of energetic veteran walkers who have all been a “witness to fitness.”

To complete this connection of mind, body, and spirit Leslie has included the blessing given after completion of her first video production in her new production studio. Listen to the uplifting message and be further inspired to Walk By Faith.

My Review:

I enjoy the Walk at Home programs because they are easy to do but also allow for you to add more intensity if you want. This DVD was no exception. I thought the workout was good. I did not care for the song used at the beginning and again at the end because the A Capella version was a little harder to follow the beat than when the music was playing. I also found myself distracted by an editing issue. One of the movements had everyone clapping. The clapping was too loud in the microphone so the sound (and therefore the music) were turned down during those times to compensate.

I did watch the blessing that was included which was nice, but something that I would only watch one time. If you let the DVD play after the workout, it automatically goes into the blessing. I turned it off before then.

I would recommend this workout for beginners.

4 stars


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