How we save money on Pizza Hut pizza

How we save money on Pizza Hut pizza |

Pizza! One of our favorite family meals. The only thing better than pizza is saving money buying it.

Our family likes Pizza Hut. Here are a few ways that we save money on Pizza Hut pizza.

Book It Program

If you have a elementary school aged child, enroll them in the Pizza Hut Book It Program. Every month from October to March, your child’s reading earns them one free personal pan pizza.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

When we order pizza, we check our receipt. Pizza Hut prints a code at the bottom of their receipts for you to fill out an online customer satisfaction survey. When you fill out the survey, they give you a coupon code for $10 off of a purchase over $20. We have been able to save money almost every time that we order because of that coupon.

Online ordering deals

Most of the time, we order our pizza online and then go pick it up. I love online ordering. There are online deals that you can take advantage of when you do the online ordering. The deals are tailored to what particular location you are ordering from.

Account coupons

Since we order online, I set up an account with Pizza Hut. Doing this puts me on an email list where I get periodic emails from Pizza Hut with deals. Some of these deals include different percentages off or free sides.

Online ordering

Ordering online gives me the ability to check the prices before I place the order. I am not surprised by the cost and if I need to change things I can do so before the order goes through. This saves us money by keeping us on track with our budget.




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