Why I like to purchase stuff on Ebay

7 Reasons why I like to shop at eBay | www.raneysrevelations.com

I have been a fan of eBay from their start. I admit that at first I was caught up in the auction fever. Then I slowly learned about how to bid so that I won auctions at good prices.

I have been using eBay for years now. Things have changed and evolved for eBay. Some changes were good. Some changes were not so good. But I still find eBay to be a good place to save money on my purchases.

Here is why I like to purchase stuff from eBay:

Buy It Now Option

Over the years, I have experimenting with auction buying and using different devices or internet services to bid. With so many options open to purchase online from many other stores, I find that I don’t purchase through the auction process that often. Many sellers offer the “Buy It Now” option which, as the name says, allows me to bypass an auction and just purchase the item right now.

7 Reasons I buy from Ebay | www.raneysrevelations.com

Seller Feedback

I disagree with how eBay handled the feedback process for buyers. It is one of the reasons that I don’t sell anything on eBay anymore. However, I do like the feedback available on the sellers. By the number of feedback, I can tell if a seller is new or has been selling on eBay for awhile. By the percentage of the feedback, I can tell how good their customer service is. By the comments left by other buyers, I can see what things were considered issues.

Competitive Pricing

I comparison shop for things online. EBay generally has lower prices. There are many sellers on eBay who are competing with each other for your business.

7 Reasons I buy from Ebay | www.raneysrevelations.com

Free Shipping

Many sellers on eBay offer free shipping on individual listings. There is no minimum order to get the free shipping.

Expedited Shipping

To keep up with the competition from other online stores, eBay encourages sellers to offer options for expedited shipping.

Ease of searching

I have been pretty pleased with how easy it is to search for items on eBay. You can do general searching when you are just browsing or you can get really detailed.

7 Reasons I buy from Ebay | www.raneysrevelations.com


I know that many people have had issues using PayPal, but I have had a PayPal account almost from the time it began and I have had maybe two issues in the many years I have used it. I like that PayPal is the middleman between me and eBay sellers. I like that PayPal offers buyer protection if I am not satisfied with an eBay transaction.

What about you?

Do you purchase things from eBay?

What do you like about eBay?




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