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Product Review - Walk Off Even More Weight (Leslie Sansone Walk At Home) |

Info from DVD:

You don’t have to run a marathon to get a challenging workout. For the first time ever, we are incorporating a weight belt with our walk. Workout #1 is a 2 Mile Walk with classic Walk at Home features, moving at a 15 minute per mile pace (4 mph), while wearing the weight belt for more calorie burn!

Workout #2 is another 2 Mile Walk, but we increased the pace. Try a 12 minute per mile pace (5 mph) while wearing the weight belt. Fast, sweaty, fitness… at home!

My Review:

This is the second Walk At Home DVD that I have done and I am impressed. I did not use the weighted belt since I bought the DVD used (it didn’t come with the belt), but I was still able to get a good workout. Perhaps I will try a weighted belt at another time.

I started with Workout #1 which was basically walking 2 miles in 30 minutes. I liked that all of the movements were easy to do, although if you feel challenged by any of them you can always just go back to walking. There was a warm up which moved into building intensity and then ended with a cool down. I did this workout six days a week for a month and always ended breaking a sweat by the end.

5 stars

After two weeks of doing Workout #1, I tried Workout #2 which was a little more challenging, but still do-able. It was also 2 miles in 30 minutes, but the music increased the pace a little more than the first workout. The only thing that I didn’t like about that workout was that the movements sometimes got out of sync with the music and it would throw me off. I found that if I focused on my movements and tuned out the music I was able to keep rhythm with Leslie.

4 stars

There is a bonus workout on this DVD. It is a 5 minute energy boosting walk. I did it once. It was not for me. I found that I was feeling so good after regularly doing the 2 miles walks that I felt cheated by doing the 5 minute one. I would rather carve out the 30 minutes for a full workout.

3 stars

I am trying different Walk At Home DVD’s to get some variety, but this one is definitely staying in my permanent collection.

Overall Rating: 4 Stars



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