Camping with the family: The RV Walk-Thru

Camping with the family: The RV Walk Thru |

If you have been following my blog, you know that my family is getting back into camping and that we finally made a decision on what we would camp in.

Here’s a reminder because I  just love it!

2016 Gulfstream Track and Trail 17RTH |

I talked in this post about RV dealers and I am happy to say that we found a really good dealership when we purchased out Track and Trail. Check back for my review.

Anyway, here are some things that I learned from the purchase of our Track and Trail.

You won’t be able to take it home the day you purchase it

Camping with the family: The RV Walk-Thru |

So we agree to purchase the trailer, we sign the paperwork, we pay for it, and I want to take it home. But the dealers have to have time to clean the unit and repair anything that may have been damaged while it was sitting on their lot. When the units come to the dealer lot, they have people walking through them and/or they sit on the lot for however long it takes to sell it. That could be months. Lots of things can need repair and cleaning.

You should always do a walk thru

Camping with the family: The RV Walk-Thru |

Even if you have owned bunches of RVs, you should always do a walk thru on your new unit. You should inspect everything and learn how everything works. We have never owned a Toy Hauler before, so we really needed the walk thru.

The walk thru will take hours

Camping with the family: The RV Walk-Thru |

No matter how big or small your unit is, be prepared for the walk thru to take a few hours. Ours was about three hours and it is a small Toy Hauler. If the unit was bigger or had more complicated things on it, we could have been doing the walk thru most of the day.

Take lots of pictures

Camping with the family: The RV Walk-Thru |

I brought my camera along for the walk thru. My husband was the one paying attention to the details about how everything worked. I took pictures of everything. The pictures are two-fold – they are a record of what the unit looked like before we took it home and my husband can use them as visual reminders of what he was told during the walk thru. Thank goodness for digital cameras because I took over 100 pictures. If you can, take some videos as well.

Take notes

Camping with the family: The RV Walk-Thru |

I’ll admit that we didn’t take as many notes as I thought we would. I did have a notebook that I carried with me. When my husband felt that something was noteworthy, he would ask me to jot it down. You won’t remember everything and that’s okay.

Ask questions

Camping with the family: The RV Walk-Thru |

Repeat after me: “No question is stupid.”

Ask lots of questions. It is the dealerships job to make sure that you learn what you need to know about this purchase. I asked a few questions that I was sure would be considered silly, but the service man who did the walk thru with us treated every question we had with respect. In fact, there were some questions that he thanked me for asking because they were things that he didn’t think about telling us. Make sure you are as comfortable as you can be with your unit.

Get all of the operators manuals

Camping with the family: The RV Walk-Thru |

There are lots of manuals that go with a RV. First and foremost, you want to get the manufacturers manual for your unit. Then there will be manuals for the different appliances in the unit. The manuals are important because they contain illustrations, parts list, and contact information. If you are not able to get them from the RV dealer, you should contact the manufacturers directly to provide you with copies. Some of the manufacturers will have their manuals online.

What about you?

What advice would you give about an RV purchase walk thru?

How long was your walk thru?



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