Camping with the Family – We’ve made the decision!!

Camping with the family - We've made a decision!! |

After months of searching and deliberations, we have finally decided on what RV we will be using to begin our camping journey.

How exciting!!

Are you ready for the big reveal?

Wait for it…

Almost there…

Is the suspense killing you?

Ta Da!!!

Camping with the family - We made the decision!! 2016 Gulfstream Track and Trail 17RTHSE |

We decided to purchase a new 2016 Gulfstream Track and Trail 17RTHSE.

2016 Gulfstream Track and Trail 17RTHSE |

2016 Gulfstream Track and Trail 17RTHSE |

2016 Gulfstream Track and Trail 17RTHSE |

2016 Gulfstream Track and Trail 17RTHSE |

It is a Toy Hauler.

So why did we chose the toy hauler?

I am so glad you asked that.

Our requirements for the RV were simple. First, we needed to have something that would sleep at least four people. Adult people. Even though our younger children are still in school, they are growing rapidly and we didn’t want to be stuck with something that they would outgrow soon. Second, the trailer could not be longer than 25 feet. My husband did not want to be towing a long trailer and we wanted to be able to store it at our home where a longer trailer would be a pain to store. Third, we did not want to feel closed in.

Bunkhouse trailers were the most obvious choice and we spent most of our time exploring all of the bunkhouse floor plans. The problem we ran into was that most of the bunkhouses that we liked were either above our budget or too long. Most of the shorter ones (those around 21 feet) felt closed in and cramped. The shorter ones also tended to have small refrigerators. That was not a requirement, but I found that I wanted the larger fridge.

We had considered toy haulers but found that most of them were above our budget. We talked one salesman into showing us a toy hauler just to give us a feel for the space in them. It weighed too much for us to haul. But when we went inside of it, we were impressed with the simplicity and the use of space. Something that my husband really liked was the taller ceilings. So we hopped online and looked some more.

That is when we found it.

2016 Gulfstream Track and Trail 17RTHSE |

This toy hauler is just over 21 feet long so it fit our length requirement. The taller ceiling really makes it feel open. It sleeps four adults. It has a queen bed that pulls down from the ceiling and the long couches, which are the seats for the dining area when the table is between them, fold down into beds.

2016 Gulfstream Track and Trail 17RTHSE |

An added bonus is that we can transport toys if we choose to. We do not own any toy larger than regular bicycles, but we can consider other things if we want. We can also utilize the ramp as a deck by propping it up underneath. The ramp is made to handle a lot of weight so it would not be a problem to double as a deck.

We are so excited about our purchase!

What do you think about our toy hauler?

What kind of RV would you pick for your family?




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