How to make a photo book online

How to make a photo book |

In this post, I talked about how you can preserve memories using photo books. Today’s post, I’m going to give you a brief overview of how to make a photo book using an online photo company.

Sign up with an online photo company

Go to or and set up an account.

Subscribe to their emails

You will definitely want to get their emails as they periodically have sales on photo books.

Select photo books

On Shutterfly you would choose Photo books and on Clark Color you would choose Books and Calendars.

Select a photo book style

This is where you choose the size and type (hardcover or softcover) of book that you want.

Select your theme

This is where you choose a basic theme for your photo book.  This can be as automatic or customized as you want.  You can pick a theme and have it printed as is or you can customize every detail.  Both sites offer the themes for free, but you can upgrade to a paid theme on Shutterfly if you want.

Upload your photos

Each site walks you through uploading your photos.  Twenty pages per book is the standard so you should upload at least 20 pics, which would give you one picture per page.  You can have lots of pictures in your photo books and each site allows you to add additional pages if you want (at a cost).

Select the photos you want to have in your photo book

You can choose to have the software place your photos for you or you can manually place your photos in the design process.

Decide how you want each page to be set-up

If you are letting the software place the photos, you will just make sure that it looks the way you want.  You can always move photos around and change text, clip art, or colors.

Preview and proof

Using the previewing part of the design process, check to make sure that you are satisfied with the way the photo book is laid out.  Make any necessary changes now.

Approve proof and check out

If you have a coupon code, enter it here during the check out process.  A few times a year, Shutterfly offers free photo book coupons and Clark Color offers buy two get one free photo books.  You get these notifications first if you are subscribed to their emails.

Order your photo book

Wait with baited breath for your box to come (bright orange if it’s Shutterfly)

Enjoy your creation!





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