How to make a grocery shopping list

How I make a grocery list |

One of the ways that I save money and make my grocery shopping less stressful is by having a grocery list.

Making a grocery list doesn’t have to be a big deal. In fact, if you just take a little time to set it up initially, you may find that it saves you time in the long run. At least that is what happened to me.

I’m a big numbers person. For those of you who don’t know it, I used to do accounting for a living. I love it so much that I take care of my personal finances much like I would take care of business finances. That means I want to know where all my money is going and what types of costs I can expect. I treat my grocery list the same way.

I set up a spreadsheet with four main parts. Each part has four columns set up like this:

Item Number Cost Total
Milk 1 3 3
Soup 10oz 2 1 2
Chicken lb 1 5 5
Fruit lb 0 3 0
Bread 3 2 6
Eggs dz 1 2 2

I take the blank template to the grocery store and I hand write the items that want on the list with their approximate cost. This way I have them in order by how I go through the grocery store.

Then I take that hand written information and put it into my spreadsheet. My total column is set up as a formula to take the number column times the cost column. Each total column subtotals at the bottom of the page and then I have one cell that sums up those totals. This tells me approximately what I will be spending each time I do the list.

I have some extra spaces to add things that are not normally on my list.

How I make a grocery list |

The benefit of having this master list is that I don’t forget things that are regular purchases because the list already has them on it.

Certainly you could do this by just printing it and handwriting what you need, but I like having the computer calculate my cost estimate as well.

Now I am ready to print my list. I print it on normal 8 1/2 x 11 paper in landscape form. Then I fold the list in half and in half again. This gives me a short paper to carry in the store.

How I make a grocery list | How I make a grocery list | How I make a grocery list |

How about you?

Do you make a grocery list for your shopping?

How do you make yours?






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