Camping with the family – Towables Part 3

Camping with the family - toy haulers vs fifth wheels |

So our family is getting back into camping. We took a look at what types of things there are to camp in this post.  From there we narrowed down our search and began to look at towables.

We looked at teardrop trailers and pop-up campers (see this post).

Then we looked at expandable (hybrid) trailers and hard shelled travel trailers (see this post).

Today we are going to look at two more types of towables: a toy hauler and a fifth-wheel.

Toy Hauler

A toy hauler is basically any RV or trailer that has space specifically for big toys, like motorcycles, ATV, kayaks, etc. They have a ramp for driving these things right up into the trailer. Toy haulers not only come in a hard shelled trailer version, but they also come in fifth wheel versions and motorhome versions. For this post, we will be looking at the hard shelled travel trailer toy haulers.

Camping with the family - Towables Part 3 |


Open floor plan. These trailers are made to haul your toys so there has to been good height and minimum walls to accomodate.

Toys. You can take your toys with you.

Storage. Lots of room to store things with you.

Outdoor feeling. Putting up a screen when the ramp door is open gives you the opportunity to enjoy nature without feeling closed in.

Deck. The ramp can be turned into a deck giving you more outdoor space.


Cost. Because of their capability to hauler other vehicles, most toy haulers are on the expensive side.

Weight. Toy Haulers are heavier than their counterparts.

Fifth-Wheel Travel Trailer

A fifth-wheel travel trailer is like a hard shelled trailer with an added raised section in the front that is attached to a pick-up bed using a fifth-wheel hitch

Camping with the family - Towables Part 3 |


Space. Fifth Wheels have extra space in the front which gives you more space over a hard shelled trailer.

Towing. Fifth-Wheels tend to be easy to tow because of the stability provided by the hitch.


Towing. These trailers have to be towed by a pickup truck because the hitch is mounted in the bed of the truck.

Cost. Because of their size, these trailers tend to cost more than a travel trailer.

Weight. Although there are some lighter weight fifth wheels being made today, many of them are still pretty heavy.

What do you think?

Would you choose a toy hauler or fifth wheel?

What about the other types that we have talked about?



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